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After months of getting excuses of why our pool was not crystal clear from our prior pool service, Dennis convinced us to have his team take a look. I'm not kidding when I say that we saw progress the same day! We contracted immediately and ever since, we have been happy with the services provided. Thanks again for everything!
Posted By: Nancy P.
El Paso, TX
We just recently had the system installed at our house. The setup did take a little while to complete but everyone did a fantastic job setting everything up. So far we have noticed an improved taste in our water, and our stove is looking much better with the clean water and cleaner.
Posted By: A. Lopez
El Paso Texas
I had a home based water filtration installed nearly 8 years ago by Dennis and his team. To this day the good water guy treats me like I am his best customer ever. If you are thinking of purchasing a system and you are concerned about the price or if it is worth the investment, stop, because it's one of the best investments you will make. Take the leap and have the good water guy give you a no hassle water will be amazed at what they find in your water.

1. It keeps the hard water water and chemicals out of your home and most importantly your body.
-To this day I still remember the water test with a normal bar of soap - I showed people how much better the soap works with real water. My eczema went away and softened everyone's skin and hair.

2. Every time I have a new tenant in the home Dennis or his team was there to teach them how to use it.
-Dennis is a man of his word. We have done many business transactions from 1000s of miles apart and there is no one more I trust to get my system working right!

3. Investment for the home- as stated earlier the filtered water going in your home is good for the long term of all the home's plumbing. The hard water over time adds calcium deposits in your faucets, shower heads, toilets etc, which over time causes you to replace or fix damaged plumbing.

4. Have you ever looked at your drinking water from the tap? I would argue that my toilet water is better, cleaner, and crisper than your current kitchen water. Take a look at the ingredients in the local county's water...did you see the horror in Michigan? Then take a look at the ingredient she rock filtration system removes.

Look this is all to say you can trust Dennis to provide solid service, compassion, and hard work. He is a family man himself and has amazing core values that can be rarely matched, while everyone else is just trying to make a buck. But why would you listen to a random guy who has been coming back to the good water guy for nearly a decade?

Thank you Dennis and team!

Posted By: J. Harrington
El Paso Texas
I've had this product for 9 years now and it's still working amazing for our home. I highly recommend it, it's definitely a good investment. Quick response time for maintenance needs also which certainly is a plus!
Posted By: P. Zamora
El Paso Texas
Extremely happy with our water system at home and for our business. Extremely great service!
Posted By: T. Hernandez
El Paso Texas
The Good Water Guy has raised my standard of drinking water. Once I had the water from the services The Good Water Guy provides, I didn't want to go back to anything else. I enjoy what it does for my health and how it makes my skin feel, not to mention the taste. The Good Water Guy is also friendly, polite, professional, and quick to respond to any concerns, what few there may be. I will never have water straight from the tap again.
Posted By: Jahshua B.
El Paso Resident
If you're looking to add more life to your water Purity Bay is definitely worth looking into. Its been two months and our hair and skin look and feel healthier than ever. We have saved money on soap and detergent in the process too. The water softener and filtration equipment was delivered and installed very quickly and the workmanship is excellent. We have been very impressed by the quality of our water as well as Purity Bay's professional and friendly customer service.

Best Regards,
Miriam H.
Posted By: Miriam
El Paso Texas
New filters and new tank  installed made a difference in water taste. Thanks for having salt in stock for water system and you delivered the salt to me. talking about customer service thanks water guy.
Posted By: V. Munoz
Happy Customer, El Paso, Texas
I did my own calculations and know that this thing will pay for itself in less than 2 years! And I get
all the benefits and peace of mind! I love my water system THANKS!
Posted By: Mike B.
- North East Resident, El Paso Texas
We have purchased the Purity Bay water filter system and it has done wonderful things for our family:
Our water is softer, Water boils and heats faster (we had to turn our water heater temperature down),
clothes are softer and easier to iron, We use less soap, shampoo and conditioner, which in turn saves us
money, Our son’s eczema is better (no red skin), Towels are softer and nicer to use, We now have peace
of mind that our water is protected from harsh chemicals. If nothing else, it’s just plain nice to have
“bottled” water running out of our faucet. So far the system has been great and we are hoping to save
money and better our health with it.
Posted By: William and G M
– West Side Resident, El Paso Texas

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